Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Evaluations

Lake City Consulting provides turn-key solutions to our clients by using the principles of energy efficiency through targeted improvements in HVAC and Electrical infrastructure. We are constantly evaluating the best solutions to fit our customers’ many needs. We realize that every building is different and requires a customized set of solutions. Our promise is to only bring our clients solutions that match their individual needs instead of a one-size-fits-all solution.

At Lake City Consulting, our policy in regards to energy management is to make your equipment run at its maximum efficiency before replacing with newer equipment. The less energy your building uses, the smaller your carbon footprint is and the less your energy bill will be.

We are member of San Diego Gas & Electric’s Trade Pro Alliance and help businesses and homeowners take advantage of local rebates and incentives for energy efficiency improvements. After a preliminary inspection, we can provide a comprehensive package that addresses the major areas of energy consumption specific to the customer’s facility.


HVAC Solutions

HVAC units are simply indispensable and consume a big chunk of energy in most businesses. We offer solutions to make your equipment more efficient without having to replace them. Replacing HVAC on an existing building comes with a host of installation issues and the cost of change can be too high too make it worthwhile. Extracting more life from your existing HVAC makes business sense unless you are conducting a major overhaul of tenant space.


Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a low-hanging fruit for many businesses and can be an excellent first step towards energy efficiency. We work with business owners to determine an appropriate balance between up-front cost, energy efficiency and long-term energy savings to achieve minimized costs and maximized profits over the long-term. We also work with local Utilities to maximize the rebates and incentives available for making energy efficiency improvements. Rebates and incentives can play a big role in softening the initial investment required for lighting changes.


Power Saving Solutions

Power that gets delivered to your building via the electric grid can be affected by several factors depending upon the kind of equipment within he building. VFD’s while playing a big role in improving motor efficiency, also create harmonic currents resulting in “polluted” or lsulting in improved power factor and thereby extracting more useful work across all equipment. Thee difference is visible in the utility bill and equipment life.


Refrigeration Solutions

Refrigeration systems are proven energy guzzlers and can take a toll on many business’ operations. Naturally, any energy management plan will have to address this cost to make any substantial impact. We work with business owners to improve efficiency and life of refrigeration systems. With our changes, there are immediate visible impact and are also cost-effective.


Battery Storage Solutions

Every business has a typical consumption profile. Depending upon your total consumption or the rate of consumption (Demand) and the time of such occurrences, the local utility uses different billing systems. Hence a smart way to store energy at non-peak durations offers an unprecedented advantage to businesses in avoiding peak demand charges. We wok with businesses in analyzing their consumption and designing a storage system that can completely avoid peak-demand charges.