Energy Management Made Easy

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Are you aware of how much more you overpay due to power inefficiency?

Are you hit by demand charges from your local utility? Inefficient energy use in buildings is both increasingly expensive and unsustainable. Newer technologies can help you find all the sources of energy waste at your facilities and reduce your peak demand and overall consumption by more than 50%

Lake City Consulting provides business owners with energy efficient solutions designed to meet and exceed energy goals, improve tenant experience and increase the overall profitability of their business. We are passionate about Energy savings! Our innovative solutions and collaborative approach ensures that our clients start to reap the benefits of energy improvements immediately!

Energy Survey

shutterstock_297570230Performing a detailed survey of your property’s energy consumption is the first step in identifying areas that need improvement.  Our process is thorough and unobtrusive to your current operations. Fill in the form below to get the survey process started…

Customized Solutions

Based on the information gathered from the survey, we prepare a financial proposal that includes the rebates that pertain to the application. Our comprehensive analysis provides all the information you need. We present the savings in dollars as well as a precise calculation of payback period. Our diverse solutions in energy management range from HVAC, lighting to energy storage options that offer relief from local demand charges.


Apart from the monthly savings, the indirect benefits of an energy upgrade include enhanced sustainability, reduced maintenance costs, higher employee/tenant productivity.

Project Management and Installationshutterstock_106026587

We provide end-to-end project management. A single point of contact for all energy improvements changes can provide high degree of collaboration to ensure a flawless deployment.


We also assist in identifying and securing the rebates and incentives that may be available from your local Utility. By matching your needs with our innovative products in conjunction with the optimum utility rebates available, you can save thousands of dollars on your energy bill with zero money down!

Contact us today for a energy survey and let us present you with the energy and money saving options that you may have overlooked!